During office hours

Please call us on 0116 267 4049 to register the emergency and will will arrange for the appropriate actions to be taken,

Out of hours

Please email the address below which is monitored whilst the office is closed.

Email:  emergency@fair-waylettings.co.uk

We will be monitoring the emergency email during the closed periods, but will only respond to emergencies which are a genuine emergency and if one of the below cannot rectify the issue until we next open.

Please note if the following occurs please follow the appropriate course of action to try and minimize damage whilst a resolution is arranged.

Gas Leak

Switch off the gas at the gas mains (Normally located next to the gas meter) or call National Grid.

National Grid on 0800 111 999

Water Leak

Switch off water at water mains (location can be found on your inventory)
or an Isolation valve can normally be located near to taps, toilets and appliances.

Please use buckets or other containers to try and catch any leak to protect the property as best you can.

Electrical Safety Issues

If you suspect a unsafe electrical issue ( i.e. Sparking or Burning) where power cannot be safely isolated please call Western Power

Western Power On 0800 6783 105


Call 999

Police will attend and arrange to secure the property. Please request the invoice to be sent to us for securing the property.